Geoheritage management

conservation, promotion and monitoring


EGU Training School


24-28 September 2018

University of Minho, Portugal




The University of Minho is currently one of the most prestigious Portuguese higher education institutions, and is gradually becoming more prominent internationally. ​The University was founded in 1973, and it is currently with around 20,000 students and 1,100 academic staff members comprised of three campi: the Gualtar Campus, in Braga, and the Azurém and Couros Campi, in Guimarães.

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Braga is a city and a municipality in northwestern Portugal with around 140,000 inhabitants.

Its agglomerated urban area is the third largest urban centre in Portugal (after Lisbon and Porto) being a major hub for inland Northern Portugal. The city is one of the oldest in Portugal. Under the Roman Empire, known as Bracara Augusta, the settlement was centre of the province of Gallaecia.

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How to get to Braga


From international locations, the best way to arrive in Braga is through the Porto international Airport, located about 50 km from Braga.


At the airport, we suggest the Get Bus service that connects the airport to Braga with a cost of 8 Euro (14 Euro if a return ticket).  


The registration fee does not cover accommodation, thus participants must manage their own stay in Braga. 


There are plenty of accommodation options in Braga, varying from luxury hotels to hostels or guest houses. You can expect to pay around 30-40 Euro/night for a double-room in some low-cost but nice hotels (with breakfast). The nearest hotel is Hotel Lamaçães (8 minutes by foot) but the city center is located just about 30 minutes away from the campus (by foot). The Youth Hostel is temporarily closed for restoration works.


We suggest that you check these options in web services like Booking, Trivago, or AirBnB. You also can find accommodation options in the City Council tourism webpage.


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